15 Essentials to Pack in your Bridal Emergency Kit

Last minute problems can be fixed more easily if you have an emergency bridal kit on your wedding day. These are some of the items that can help a bride immensely in the event of a last second snafu:

1- A sewing kit with buttons and thread and needles will be essential. Something might rip or snag on the wedding day, and this can be just the item to fix whatever happens when it comes to the dresses and the outfits.

2- Clear nail polish might not seem like a necessary item, but it is. Not only can the nail polish help to keep nails shiny and the polish under from chipping, but it will also be perfect in order to make sure that the bride, bridesmaids and important women guests can correct runs in their stockings on a moment’s notice.

3- Straws will be important for individuals that do not want to mess up their lipstick on this special day. It helps to make drinking out of glasses easier, and keeps that wedding day makeup look for much longer.

4-Extra earring backs are always helpful. Many people are always losing the backs to their earrings, and it will be very important that everyone look their best on this important day. To this end, it is vital that extra earring backs be on hand for those who will need them.

5- Stress on the wedding day can be very intense. Remember to pack eye drops. They can ease the redness of eyes that get this way as a result of stress or other factors, helping the individuals involved in the wedding to look their best.

6- Mints or gum will be helpful, especially if anyone in the bridal party is anxious. Mints help to settle the stomach, and gum can help to relieve stress through the repetitive action.

7- Packing Band-Aids is a smart move. Slips and spills happen all the time, and it is important to have these things taken care of in the proper manners. Band-Aids will help with little cuts and nicks.

8- It will also be helpful to carry some contact lens solution in the emergency kit. Even if the bride does not wear contacts, some individuals in the bridal party may, and it can be necessary for them to use the solution. Avoid last minute trips to the drug store with this item!

9- Bobby pins and hair spray are two necessary items that most people will not forget, but it is still important to bring extra. There may be times that a guest needs to use some, and it will be advantageous for the bride’s emergency kit to have these items easily accessible.

10- Acid relief tablets will be helpful for the brides or guests that are feeling nervous. Make everyone as comfortable as possible by having these around just in case.

11- Static cling spray is another item that brides will benefit from having around, just in case there is any static electricity in the area.

12- In the event that there is any kind of an emergency, it can help to have smelling salts on hand for the individuals to be able to use if necessary.

13- Other essential items for any woman - tampons and pads. If anyone in your bridal party needs them, they will be glad you have some easy to find in your bridal emergency kit.

14- Nail files can help to make the best of a bad situation if someone breaks or snags a nail.

15- Pack a lint brush to make sure that everyone looks her best!

With these items, brides should be all set to make the most out of their day!